RPG comic strip : Kroc le Bô
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Soon to come !
Knights of Heldann Gazetteer
I am still not done with the HK Gazetteers.
Doesn't it look good?
I'll have some free time soon, and i'll do my best to publish at least a 1.0 version.

Check the cover here.

Monsters for your dungeons
As time goes by, I'll do my best to feature the most interesting or peculiar monsters to populate your campaigns.
Check this month monster here.

Mystara & RPG links
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(Re) designing a website is a
neverending story !
As many of you already know from experience, improving your website is a neverending task. Yet I have finally decided to bring some modernity to this one.
In the weeks to come, i'll set several wordpress accounts to manage the different sections of the website (maps, almanachs, gazetters, magic, etc.).
That way you'll be able to be immediately notified of any update through RSS feeds.

Mystara Almanachs available
AC 1014 (work still in progress)

AC 1015 (work still in progress)

AC 1016 click here.

AC 1017 click here.

AC 1018 click here.

AC 1019 click here.


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